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This software is copy protected using one of the following methods:
  • A "Software Key" contained on the hard drive
  • A "Hardware Key" which is plugged into the computer's USB Port
  • A "Network Hardware Key" which is plugged into this or another computer on the network
  • A License Key stored on the SpectraDAQ-200 data acquisition module

    You can examine the license status at any time by selecting the <License><Status and Authorization> menu command.  The program defaults to using the Software Key method; Hardware Keys can be purchased as a option for users who need to frequently transfer the license between computers or who simply prefer having a tangible physical key.

    Software Key Method
    This method uses a "Site Code" and "Authorization Key" technique which restricts the operation to a specific computer.  No Hardware Key is required.

    The "Site Code" is a number which is unique to your computer and is used to generate the matching "Authorization Key" to enable program operation.  Because the Site Code is computer specific, we cannot provide you the corresponding Authorization Key until you send us your Site Code.  This Site Code is easily obtained by selecting the <License><Status and Authorization> menu command clicking the "Authorize" button. 

    Click the "Authorize" button to display the "Site Code" unique to your computer.  Click the "Print Site Code" button to print a page containing the site code which you can fax to your software vendor.  When you receive your authorization key, return to this dialog box and enter the key.  Please note that the Site Code will not change when you exit the program.

    Transferring the Software Key to another computer
    To transfer the Software Key, Go to the <License><Status & Authorization> menu and click the "Transfer Key" button and follow the instructions.  There are two basic transfer methods: 1) directly over a local network connection, and 2) using a floppy diskette or a USB memory stick.  Both methods require that you first install a copy of SpectraPLUS-RT on the computer to which will be receiving the license.   Please note that method 2) requires that the floppy disk or USB memory stick first be "registered" using the UNLICENSED copy of SpectraPLUS-RT.  After registering the Software Key can be transferred "Out" using the LICENSED copy of SpectraPLUS-RT and then transferred "In" using the UNLICENSED copy.

    Because transferring the Software Key requires access to both computers involved in the transfer this is not always a practical solution.  If you regularly transfer the license between computers, or if the computers are at different geographical locations, a Hardware Key may offer greater convenience.  Please contact your software vendor to obtain a Hardware Key.

    Hardware Key Method
    This method uses a physical hardware device also known as a "dongle".  This hardware key is delivered with the software and is preprogrammed with the license information. 
  • You must install the Hardware Key device driver before the program will detect the key. 
  • The Hardware Key device driver is provided on the installation CD-ROM and are also available on the download section of our website.

    Network Hardware Key Method
    This method also uses a USB hardware key device but contains the ability to manage multiple licenses over the network.  The Network Hardware Key allows multiple users to be running the software simultaneously and only one Network Hardware Key is required.  The Key is preprogrammed with a user limit that, once reached, will not allow additional copies to run until other copies are shutdown.  If a machine running SpectraPLUS-RT crashes or is detached from the network, it will not have a chance to release its license; however, the license server will automatically release the license if communications are lost for more than about 5 minutes or so.

    The Network Hardware Key can be installed on any machine on the local network but requires the installation of a "License Server" device driver.  This "License Server" component is provided with the Network Key and only needs to be installed on the machine containing the Network Hardware Key.  All other machines that will be running SpectraPLUS-RT only need to have the normal Hardware Key device driver installed.
  • The SpectraPLUS-RT software must be installed on each local machine
  • The standard Hardware Key driver must be installed on each local machine
  • One of the machines in the network must have the Network Hardware Key installed and is designated the "license server".  
  • The "license server" does not have to be a true "server" but can simply be one of the computers in a peer to peer network.
  • The "license server" hardware key device driver must be installed on the machine with the Network Hardware Key.

    Additional network options allow you to specify a specific server and protocol but in most cases selecting the option labelled "Automatically find the license server on the network" should be used.  

    A Monitoring Tool is provided with the License Server to allow the administrator to check the number of copies in use.

    SpectraDAQ-200 Method
    This method requires the SpectraDAQ-200 data acquisition module.  The license information is read directly from the device.  The SpectraDAQ-200 must be connected to the computer and the drivers installed but does not need to be the selected device for the license to be accessed.

    Adding additional options to the SpectraDAQ license
    Additional product options can be added to the license in the field.  Contact your software vendor to purchase the options or upgrade; you will then be given a "Field Activation Key".  Go to the <License><Status & Authorization> menu and click the "Authorize" button and enter the Activation Key; this will update the license information stored on the SpectraDAQ-200 hardware module.