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Right Click Menu

A single click with the right mouse within the plot area of any view will activate a menu containing a variety of additional actions.  

Copy as Text - copies the displayed spectrum values to the clipboard in tab delimited text format.
Write to Text File - writes the displayed spectrum values to an ASCII text file.
Copy as Bitmap - copies the plot image to the clipboard in standard bitmap format.
Clear Spectrum - clears the current spectrum.  This is useful if you wish to view/print overlays with just the peak hold trace
Clear Peak Hold - clears the current spectrum.  This is useful if you wish to view/print overlays without the peak hold trace.
Autoscale Specctrum - Evaluates the data and sets the Plot Top/Range parameters to optimum values.
Pull Cursor To Trace - If this option is enabled, the measurement cursor will automatically "pull" to the spectrum trace along the amplitude axis.
Set Calibration to 0 dBr at this frequency - Sets the calibration reference point to 0.0 dBr.  This will cause the analyzer to compute and apply calibration values that will result in a level of 0 dBr at the frequency corresponding to the mouse position (it is recommended that you zoom in on the display in order to make sure that the desired frequency is accurately selected).  Use this if you want to quickly normalize the trace such as when performing a frequency sweep test.  Note - the mouse position is only used to determine the frequency; the analyzer will determine the signal level at the selected frequency based on the underlying spectral data.
Set Marker N - activates marker N at the frequency of the mouse click point.
Clear Marker N - clear individual markers
Marker Options - activates the Marker Options dialog box
View Data Values - displays a table containing the current spectrum values.  The contents of this table will update whenever the display changes.
Properties - activate the display options dialog box.
Help - activates the online help.

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