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Keyboard Shortcuts

The main sidebar contains icons for controlling the processor.  Each icon's label has one of the letters underlined.  Pressing the <Alt> key and the underlined letter will perform the same action as a button press.

In the same way, keyboard shortcuts are available for many of the menu items.  Pressing the <Alt> key and the underlined letter in the menu and sub-menu item will allow quick access to the commands.  

Additional shortcut keystrokes called "accelerator keys" are available for selected menu items:

Accelerator keys:
F1      Help   
F2      Run  
F3      Stop   
F4      Processing Settings dialog box
F5      Plot Options dialog box
F9      Calibration dialog box
F11    Signal Generator Utility
F12    Recorder Utility

Ctrl+P     Print
Alt+F4     Exit the application

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