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Play/Play Special commands

The Play and Play Special menu commands allow you to playback a selected time segment so you can hear it through your speakers. 

You must first select the time segment which you want to edit.  This can be done from either the Time Series, Spectrogram, or 3-D Surface views.  First, click the selection arrow tool on the left edge of the view toolbar.  Next, click and drag across the plot area with the left mouse button to highlight the time segment you wish to edit.  At this point the Edit commands will be enabled and allow you to select the desired operation.  

The <Edit> <Play> menu item plays the selected segment through the speaker port on your sound card; it performs the same action as clicking on the tool containing the small speaker icon on the view toolbar.  

The <Edit> <Play Special> menu has four choices:
Loop - continuously plays the selected time segment (click the Stop button to cancel).
Half speed - plays the selected time segment at 1/2 the normal sampling rate.
Double speed - plays the selected time segment at 2 times the normal sampling rate.
Arbitrary speed - plays the selected time segment at the user specified sampling rate

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