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Cumulative Sound Exposure Level (cSEL)

cSEL is the cumaltive sound exposure level and is often used for monitoring loud sound event such as pile driving for impacts on marine mamals.

The measurement is performed on the time series data (the spectral data is not used) and is displayed in logarithmic units (e.g dB SPL).

Click the <Utilities><Cumulative Sound Exposure Level> menu to open the utility.  Click the Options button to set the alert thresholds and other parameters.


Reset cSEL value each time the analyzer runs - this will automatically clear the exposure level when the Run or Record button is pressed.

Cumulate cSEL until Reset button is manually pressed.  The cSEL value will continue to accumulate until you press the "Reset" button on the utility window.  This allows you to pause and then continue the measurement or recording without resetting the current value and is useful for determining the value over a long period of time.  In addition you can post process multiple files to determine the total cSEL of all the files

Threshold Limits - once this value is reached the numeric readout on the utility window will be displayed in red.  The alert beep will also be played if it is enabled.  A button to control the alert beep is also on the utility window for convenience.

Notes:  The alert beep is played through the default playback sound device that is used for operating system alerts and notifications.  You can set the default device in the Windows control panel.

cSEL can also be plotted on the time series plot - select the desired time span, right click and use the <Compute the Cumulative Sound Exposure Level> menu.

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