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Keyboard Shortcuts

The main toolbar contains icons for controlling the processor.  Each icon's label has one of the letters underlined.  Pressing the <Alt> key and the underlined letter will perform the same action as a button press.

In the same way, keyboard shortcuts are available for each menu item.  Pressing the <Alt> key and the underlined letter in the menu and sub-menu item will allow quick access to the commands.  For instance pressing <Alt> <V> followed by <Alt> <T> will toggle the Time Series view.

Additional shortcut keystrokes called "accelerator keys" are available for selected menu items:

Accelerator keys:
F1      Help   
F2      Run  
F3      Stop   
F4      Processing Settings tabbed dialog box
F5      Plot Options tabbed dialog box
F6      Trigger dialog box
F7      Save Configuration File
F8      Load Configuration File
F10    Data Logging Setup
F11    Signal Generator Utility

Ctrl+0      File Open
Ctrl+S     File Save
Ctrl+A     File Save As
Ctrl+P     File Print
Alt+F4     Exit SpectraPLUS-SC

Ctrl+Z         Undo last edit
Ctrl+Del     Edit Cut
Ctrl+Ins      Edit Copy
Shift+Ins    Edit Paste Insert
Ctrl+L         Play Special - Loop

Shift+F5      Window Cascade
Shift+F4      Window Tile Vertical
Shift+F3      Window Tile Horizontal

Other Special Keystrokes:
Pressing the return key or the (+) key in the post-processing mode will cause the analyzer to make a single measurement and then stop (single step).  The averaging is not reset between steps.
Pressing the minus key (-) will cause the analyzer to step backwards in the file.  The step size used corresponds to the current overlap percent setting.
Time Series plot must have the "focus" for these special keystrokes to function.

The Focus:
If you click the mouse on one of the scrollbars, that control then gains the "focus" and gains keyboard control.  What this means is that you can then use the keyboard arrows to adjust its setting up and down.  For example, clicking once on the Average control on the toolbar will then allow you to use the up/down arrow keys to adjust the averaging block size.  The same is true for each of the scroll bars.

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