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Printing the results

The program allows you to print one View at a time.   Make the view you wish to print the active window by clicking anywhere in the plot.  Size the view to display the information you wish to print; only the displayed data will be printed.  Select the <Print> option from the <File> menu.  Change any printer options and click OK. 

The <File><Print Setup> menu command allows you to select various options specific to your printer.

Annotation:  Two user defined lines of annotation are provided.  These are centered along the top portion of the printout. 

Margins: Set as desired.

Comments: You can include up to 10 comment lines which will be printed below the plot.  A button allows you to copy the metadata into the comment block.

  • For best results when printing the color spectrogram on a monochrome printer, select the grayscale option on the spectrogram options dialog box.  
  • For printing the 3-D surface plot on a monochrome printer, you may wish to select a white background color and black line color from the 3-D Surface options dialog box.
  • Color printers are supported.  
  • Pen Plotters are not supported for the spectrogram and 3-D surface plots

    See also:  Configuration Files