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Run Control

Click the Options | Processing Settings menu and click on the Run Control tab or click the "Run Ctrl" toolbar button.  

The Run Control options are used by the analyzer in all modes.

Click the <Options><Processing Settings> menu (or press F4) and select the "Run Control" tab to access the input device settings.  You can also click the "Run Ctrl" toolbar button to access these settings.

Run continuously until Stop button is pressed: this selection is the normal operation and allows the analyzer to run or record continuously until stopped

Stop after N FFT's have been processed: causes the analyzer to automatically stop after the specified number of FFT's have been performed. 

Stop after N seconds of data have been processed: causes the analyzer to automatically stop after the specificied time limit has expired.  

Delay processing until N seconds have elapsed: causes the analyzer to discard the initial time period.  This is useful for avoiding startup transients in some test scenarios.

Start all other copies of SpectraPLUS-SC that are open on this computer: causes the analyzer to send a run command to all other instances of the analyzer.  This allows you to run multiple copies of the analyzer on the same computer to increase the channel capacity.  Please note that each instance must have a difference input device selected for this to feature to work.   When this option is enabled the Run or Record button will be outlined in red.

Enable the Spacebar key to toggle between Run and Stop: allows quick run/stop control from keyboard.

Analyzer Update Interval: Controls the time between each FFT update.  Allows you to "slow down" the analyzer to better view the spectral changes over time.  Enter the interval in milliseconds.  This feature is only available in the Post Processing Mode.