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Click the Options | Processing Settings menu and click on the Scaling tab or click the scaling toolbar button.  

You can control the scaling method for both the frequency and amplitude axis.  These selections apply to all displays except the Time Series display and the Y axis on the Phase display.

Amplitude Axis Scaling
Frequency Axis Scaling
Power Spectral Density (PSD)
Standard Frequency Weighting 
Microphone Compensation 

Independent Channel Scaling
When the "Independent Scaling and Calibration" option is selected in the Settings dialog box, the scaling control dialog box will change to display separate parameters for each channel and each channel will be plotted in a separate window.  This allows you to use two completely different types of scaling at once.  For example you can configure the analyzer to show accelerometer data scaled in G's in one channel and 1/3 octave data scaled in SPL from a microphone in the other.

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