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Signal Generator

The signal generator utility operates in conjunction with the playback (D/A) channel of any Windows compatible sound card to produce a variety of test signals.  Selecting the <Utilities><Signal Generator> menu command or pressing the F11 key will launch the signal generator.  

Basic Operation
  • Select the type of waveform you wish to generate by clicking on the list of waveforms.
  • Click the "Details" button to modify the specified waveform (not all waveform types have user options).
  • Click the "Level" button to specify the generator output level.
  • Click the "Run" button to start the generator.
  • When the generator is running, the window will change to show only a single "Stop" button.

    Waveform types
    White Noise
    Pink Noise
    Noise Burst
    1 kHz Tone
    Multiple Tones
    Tone Burst
    IMD Test Tones
    Frequency Sweep
    Frequency Step
    Level Sweep
    User Defined
    Digital Zero

    Signal Accuracy
    The accuracy of the signal is partly determined by the sound card itself.  The accuracy of the sampling rate clock in the card will govern the accuracy of the frequency characteristics.  In addition, many sound cards will not generate DC components.  These cards are "AC coupled" and as such, intentionally filter out or reject any DC component.  

    Lock Signal Generator Channels
    This menu option locks the left and right channels so that the selected left channel signal is routed to both the left and right channels.

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