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Fft Spectrum Analyzer

Monitoring and maintaining equipment used in the manufacturing processes limits the amount of down time a machine will be unavailable. When a machine breaks down it can cause serious delays in manufacturing processes which can cost an organization money by having to pay employees that are unable to perform their jobs, as well as potential lost revenues by not being able to fulfill customer orders. The use for predictive and preventive maintenance strategies, such as using a FFT spectrum analyzer can help limit break downs and maximize machine production. A FFT spectrum analyzer can take readings on machines by measuring sound waves and determining if the machine is operating correctly. Since machines make noise when they are being used, it can be difficult for a machine operator to notice certain sound variations within the machine that can lead to a break down.

While the machine operator can notice certain sounds that do not sound correctly, oftentimes, by this point, the problem will be more serious and require a longer down time to repair and fix. The use of a FFT spectrum analyzer can help detect sounds that may not be noticeable to the human ear and help prevent production from coming to a complete stand still. By using the spectrum analyzer on a machine that is operating within normal parameters, a base line reading can be established and be used to compare future readings against. Manufacturing business can establish regular intervals to take additional readings while the machines are operating using the FFT spectrum analyzer. These readings are then compared to the base line reading. Any variations can then be addressed and the machine's operation corrected to prevent a break down. A FFT spectrum analyzer is easy to use so the readings can be taken by the machine operator. The data then can be uploaded through a computer to a central data base where a qualified technician can review the readings and verify that the machine is operating within normal established standards. If a problem is detected, then the technician can go out onto the manufacturing plant floor to the machine, take additional readings, and make adjustments or repairs to the machine, minimalizing the machines down time. A FFT spectrum analyzer will work with most Windows compatible sound cards and can be easily used with a laptop computer, so there are no additional expenses or equipment needed except for the analyzer device and software to display the results of the analysis.

Manufacturing companies that have preventive and predictive maintenance programs in place are able to remain operational for longer periods of time and remain productive. SpectraPlus,, offers an extremely powerful, yet cost effective FFT spectrum analyzer to assist any manufacturing organization with their acoustic and vibration measurement and testing needs. They offer two different software solutions depending on an organizations needs and budgetary considerations. SpectraPlus works with Windows compatible sound cards and offers two channels of signal analysis with up to 200 kHz sampling rates at up to 24 bit procession. SpectraPlus-DT works with data translation line of USB data acquisition models with up to 16 channels of acquisition and analysis.