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Signal Generator

The signal generator utility produces a variety of test signals.  Selecting the <Utilities><Signal Generator> menu command or pressing the F11 key will launch the signal generator.  

The generator operates with the D/A channel of the DT-9800 module.  Because not all modules support D/A operations you can also select to use your Windows compatible sound card as the output device.  Press the "I/O Settings" buton on the generator to quicly access the Output Device Settings.

Basic Operation
  • Select the type of waveform you wish to generate by clicking on the list of waveforms.
  • Click the "Details" button to modify the specified waveform (not all waveform types have user options).
  • Click the "I/O Settings" button to specify the generator output level.
  • Click the "Run" button to start the generator.
  • When the generator is running, the window will change to show only a single "Stop" button.

    Waveform types
    White Noise
    Pink Noise
    Noise Burst
    1 kHz Tone
    Multiple Tones
    Tone Burst
    IMD Test Tones
    Frequency Sweep
    Frequency Step
    Level Sweep
    User Defined
    Digital Zero

    Save Signal To Wave File
    Clicking the <Utilities><Save Signal To Wave File> menu will allow you to capture the current raw signal waveform to a wave file.  

    See Also Output LevelDevice Options, Save Signal To Wave File,