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Welcome to SpectraPLUS-SC

SpectraPLUS-SC is a powerful dual channel  spectrum analyzer.  The program interfaces with any Windows compatible sound card to provide Real-Time spectral analysis as well as Recording, Playback and Post-Processing capabilities; it gives you the ability to make frequency response, distortion, and transfer function measurements.  It supports a wide range of FFT sizes, smoothing windows, digital filtering, overlap processing, averaging, peak hold, triggering, decimation, narrowband or octave (1/1, 1/3, etc) scaling and can display, export and print the Time Series, Spectrum, Phase, 3-D Surface plot, and Spectrogram. A Signal Generator utility produces pink/white noise, swept sine, tones, and pulses.  Although all signal processing is performed on the CPU, real-time performance is possible with today's machines. 

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