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Data Acquisition Hardware
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Microphones and accessories
iSEMcon -
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Accelerometers and related equipment
Dytran Corporation -
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Hydropphones and related equipment
Aquarian Audio Products -
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Sound and Vibration magazine -
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Scantek - transducer calibration service -
Sound and Vibration Community -
Vintage King Audio - restoring a Fairchild 670 Compressor 
The Modal Shop - Accelerometer resources and technical articles 
Electrical Circuit Design -
Other Products

ACS - Audiometer Calibration System
- Aussco Inc -
Performs an exhaustive calibration on all types of audiometers, tympanometers, ABR and OAE instruments.  Fully automated for factory and field use.

TM - Stringed Instrument Audio Analyzer - GDK Technologies, Inc. USA
Custom designed software & hardware to analyze acoustic propagation and resonance of materials, hardware components, or design changes in electro-acoustic fretted stringed instruments. Measure and compare attack, decay, sustain and release curves including harmonic content and noise floor from electronic circuits. Release date to be determined.