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"I've worked in NVH signal analysis / Sound Quality / Acoustics for over 20 years now, and have used wares from the Likes of Bruel & Kjaer, MTS, LMS, Head Acoustics.

SpectraPLUS has a great deal of the same functionality found in the typical lab-based software makes that I mentioned, but in my opinion has (quite possibly) one of if not THE best help sections I have's more than a 'here's how to do this with our software' kind of thing - it explains concepts behind the actions. Vitally important.

I've sang their praises before and will continue to do so. Even for the fully-loaded suite (extremely affordable as compared to 'lab-grade' multi-channel software) of SpectraPLUS, I think it's a steal. plus, if you're ever in a pinch, John Pattee (who runs that show) is quick to answer emails, and he provides great feedback to the user.

Anyway, I think this is one of the best FFT programs out there, and quite possibly the best value. You can quote me on that."

- Mark A. Jay, Proprietor, Principal Engineer, Immersifi Recording Technologies

"I have enjoyed using SpectraPLUS since 1998. The available data analysis toolset has always exceeded my needs and expectations. Over the years, Pioneer Hill Software has incorporated many of my feature requests into SpectraPLUS with rapid turnaround. Today's SpectraPLUS easily outranks all of the competing mission critical data acquisition/analysis offerings in both ease of use and feature set, with outstanding data presentation capabilities."

- John T. Leonetti, Principal Engineer, Komatsu Proving Grounds

I have used SpectraPLUS since Windows 3.1. The current Version 5.0 fills all my audio analysis needs.

The RTA with Peak Hold and Total Power (separately weighted) is what I use for live event monitoring. I use the time window with an impulse signal for speaker delay settings. One function I like for room analysis is the Decay Time measurement. The Phase window is useful for subwoofer alignment with the main system. Data logging and 3-D "Waterfall" plotting are useful for identifying HVAC and other recurring noise issues.

The power of SpectraPLUS 5.0 is that it is a full-featured, separately-adjustable, dual channel FFT Analyzer and Signal Generator. As such, all the audio analysis necessities as Transfer Function, THD, THD+N, IM, and SNR are available on the main window.

I use SpectraPLUS 5.0 for live event set-up and monitoring, room tuning, equipment design and testing, and system performance measurement. With a high quality sound card, extremely low distortion and highly accurate measurements can be made without the cost and complexity of a dedicated device.

- Harold Blumberg, FOH Engineer, Blumberg Sound Design

I have used Spectrum Analyzers for nearly 35 years and SpectraPLUS for nearly 10 years; it is among the best. Intuitive and easy to use, it is virtually indestructible - a very stable software platform. While more expensive than other packages its reliability and capabilities make it well worth the money. This software is not a toy and stands up to the needs of the sound professional in their day to day measurement requirements.

- Dr. Earl R. Geddes, GedLee LLC

I make classical and flamenco guitars and have used SpectraPLUS for several years.  I consider it an essential tool in my building process.

I use the sweep generator, FFT analysis, and Q calculation features to measure the Q, or internal damping, of prospective soundboards, backs, and other components. High Q values indicate superior wood. 'Tonewood' is graded by suppliers entirely on appearance, and musicians ears are amazingly sensitive and small differences in the quality of the woods can make the difference between a good instrument and a great one.  I run response curves at several stages of construction as well as on finished guitars to determine where the main resonances are occurring.  It's the positions of these resonances in the guitar's audio spectrum that determine the 'tone' of the instrument as perceived by the player and the listener. SpectraPLUS gives me the data that I need to make adjustments as I go through the building process to insure that these resonances are located where I want them. 

Musical instrument making is a very complex process and SpectraPLUS makes it possible to do accurate quality control at every stage of construction. I rely on it completely. Thank you!

- Brian Burns,

SpectraPLUS is a very sophisticated FFT analysis program (and more) in combination with a calibrated microphone, noise generator (included in SpectraPlus) and computer... (

- Mark Kovach, Miracle Audio