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SpectraPLUS-DT Product Options

SpectraPLUS-DT consists of a base analyzer plus a set of 10 additional options so you can purchase only the features you need. Additional options can be purchased at anytime and activated with a simple phone call. The downloaded software includes all options for the 30 day evaluation period.

Base Analyzer   Features include 16 channels, Real Time Mode, Spectrum, Time Series, and Phase displays, Narrowband FFT sizes through 32,768 points, 1/1, and 1/3 Octave Analysis, Triggering, Markers, Overlays, Averaging, Peak Hold, Decimation, Mic Compensation, A, B, C Spectral Weighting.
Option /01 Composite Channel Processing Up to 16 Composite channels: Real and Complex Transfer Functions, Coherence, Multichannel Averaging, Cross Spectrum. Each composite channel can be separately configured and displayed in any or all of the spectrum plots (Spectrum, Phase, Spectrogram, 3-D Surface).
Option /02 Recording and Post Processing Modes Recorder and Post Processing modes - allows direct hard disk recording and playback of up to 16 channels. Post Processing mode provides comprehensive analysis from WAV files. Includes Digital Filtering capability
Option /03 Signal Generator Utility Advanced Signal Generation - Pink/White noise, Noise Burst, Frequency Sweep, Frequency Step, Level Sweep, 1 kHz tone, Multiple Tones, Saw, Square, Pulse, IMD test tones and User Defined WAV source. Can generate different signals in each channel. Generator can utilize either the Data Translation D/A channels or your sound card output (not all DT modules provide analog outputs)
Option /04 Color Spectrogram Display Spectrogram Plot - displays the spectrum versus time in greyscale or color format for advanced joint time-frequency analysis. Up to 16 spectrogram plots can be displayed
Option /05 3-D Surface Display 3-D Surface Plot  - displays the spectrum versus time in a 3-Dimensional perspective format. Up to 16 3-D Surface plots can be displayed
Option /06 Distortion Analysis Utilities DistortionAnalysis - measurement utilities for THD, THD+N, IMD, SNR, NF, SINAD. Each measurement is displayed in real time in a separate resizeable window. Also includes a dedicated THD+N versus Frequency utility that quickly and conveniently measures the distortion characteristics of your device over a range of frequencies
Option /07 High Resolution Analysis Adds FFT sizes from 65536 to 1,048,576 points, and Octave resolutions of 1/6, 1/9, 1/12, 1/24, 1/48, and 1/96
Option /08 Advanced Scaling, Calibration and Order Analysis Calibration conversions from Acceleration to Velocity or Displacement. Power Spectral Density scaling option for noise measurements. Support for Tachometer input channel and RPM versus Time plots. Order Analysis - Spectrogram plot with Order vs RPM options and Spectrum Order Plot
Option /09 Acoustic Tools Reverberation Time (RT60) utility features bar graph of reverberation time versus frequency band, 3-D Surface plot of the decay versus frequency and individual decay plots versus time. Equivalent Noise (Leq) utility provides comprehensive noise level calculations for LeqT, Leq, Lpk , Lsel, Lmax, Lmin, L10, L50, L90. Sound Power Level measurement utility (ISO-3744). Cumulative Sound Exposure Level (cSEL) measurements.
Option /10 Automation Tools Automation interface API allows the capability for an external program to control and read results from the analyzer in real time. Works with any program that supports COM such as C++, VB, Excel, and others. Also includes a Data Logging utility which produces output text files (per channel) containing selected spectral parameters + time-stamp for dynamic signal tracking and unattended event monitoring.