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SpectraPLUS-RT Product Options

SpectraPLUS-RT consists of a base analyzer plus 3 additional options - options can be purchased at anytime and activated with a simple phone call. The downloaded software includes all options for the 30 day evaluation period.

Base Analyzer   Features include Single Channel Operation, Real Time Mode, Spectrum. Narrowband FFT, 1/1, and 1/3 Octave Scaling, Markers, Overlays, Averaging, Peak Hold, A, B, C Spectral Weighting.
Option /01 Dual Channel Processing Dual Channel Operations - 2 channel analysis
Option /02 Recorder Utility Recorder and Playback from WAV files. Includes support for embedded calibration data.
Option /03 Signal Generator Utility Signal Generator - Pink Noise, White noise, Swept Sine, 1 kHz tone, Multiple Tones, and User Defined WAV source. Can generate different signals in each channel